Space/Time with Magnetic North at Cove Park, Argyll

SPACE/TIME is a paid creative retreat for experienced artists from all disciplines that asks the question “How does an artist keep developing?”

Stone Moons

Royal British Society of Sculptors

Brian Mercer Residency at Studio Sem, Pietrasanta, Italy 2015

This was a rare opportunity to focus on experimentation and the development of ideas. The wealth of new stones Mary encountered at Studio Sem opened up new possibilities for colour in her work, inspired in part by the beautiful Romanesque and Renaissance architecture in the region. At the same time the freedom from deadlines and other day-to-day pressures enabled her to move between 2d and 3d, developing ideas and moving things on swiftly.

Work from this residency was exhibited at the Royal British Sculptors in London in 2016, and can be seen on this website on the Studio Work and Exhibitions page.

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Brian Mercer Residency, Pietrasanta
Brian Mercer Residency, Pietrasanta
Brian Mercer Residency, Pietrasanta - Stonework in Pisa
Brian Mercer Residency, Pietrasanta - Disused marble quarry
Planning Aid Scotland - St. Cyrus Beach

Planning Aid Scotland/Scottish Natural Heritage

By Leaves We Live: East Coast Biodiversity and Coastal Challenges 2013

In this project, inspired by the polymathic vision of Sir Patrick Geddes, Mary worked with planner, Paul Lewis, to devise a programme which would help planners to engage with the environmental challenges facing the east coast of Scotland.  Their itinerary, over two weekends, included visits to the unfettered developments spreading southward from Aberdeen, to the flood-hit community of Stonehaven and to nature reserves at Fowlsheugh and St. Cyrus.

Following the residency, Mary was commissioned to produce an artwork inspired by the project, and made a piece sparked by the words of the RSPB warden who had guided the group at the Fowlsheugh seabird colony, “What do we want in our future?”.

Project publication as downloadable pdf:


Planning Aid Scotland: Built Environment
Planning Aid Scotland: Nature - Campanula Glomerata at St. Cyrus SNH nature reserve
Planning Aid Scotland - Wing - Mary Bourne
Planning Aid Scotland - Fowlsheugh RSPB reserve
Planning Aid Scotland: Nature - Sand erosion on St. Cyrus beach
Planning Aid Scotland - Crease - Mary Bourne
Planning Aid Scotland - Soapstone carving
Planning Aid Scotland
Planning Aid Scotland - Gorse - Mary Bourne
Planning Aid Scotland - Eroded rock
Planning Aid Scotland - Working on soapstone carvings at St Cyrus
Planning Aid Scotland - Wave - Mary Bourne

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