Mary Bourne: Media Coverage

Duncan MacMillan
The Scotsman Art Reviews:

“Adore, a simple cup shape cut into a standing slab of white marble, is particularly beautiful.”
RSA Annual Exhibition 2018

“For sheer beauty … a set of atmospheric wash drawings by Mary Bourne certainly stand out.”
RSA Annual Exhibition 2017

“Mary Bourne’s beautiful drawing in ink and wash of a wooded hillside is so simple you could almost count the marks which summarise what she has seen, yet it is wonderfully eloquent.”
RSA Scottish Drawings 2015

“Classical grandeur becomes elemental”
RSA Annual Exhibition 2013

“elegant, exquisitely finished objects.”
Perception Dovecote Gallery 2011

“The Library is a powerful demonstration of how art and architecture in collaboration can deepen philosophical conversation and make a positive contribution to our cultural infrastructure.”

ARCA on the Scottish Poetry Library, 1999


The Herald (East Cumbria), 1997

“Bourne appeals to the very core of our sensuality. For no matter how they might please us visually, the look of these objects cannot compete with the sensations to be had from touching them.”

Iain Gale

Scotland on Sunday, 1997

“That’s lovely. That really is nice. I could just stand and hold that all night.”

In Touch

BBC Radio 4, 1997

“Mary Bourne’s stone and slate carvings show a love of the Scottish countryside. Beautifully tactile, with textures and polished surfaces, her sandstone resembles a small perfectly formed piece of the Earth’s surface … Her ink sketches are pure inspiration.”

Beatrice Colin

The List, 1991


Clare Henry

The Glasgow Herald, 1991